UNIVERSAL DESIGNS is personal office to perform consulting on website production, website design, website building and website management, SEO measures and website production.

Taking advantage of experience of web business in a broad range of industries, it is possible that we are allowed to suggestions about the website from the planning stage.

Website design, smartphone site creation, companies and individual business, web design, web consulting, it supports the consistent service to SEO.

Content of the website, easy to use for customers visiting the website is intended descriptive there should be, it is important to carry out the website of the design that can be easily access the required information.
The consultation about the website, regard to your request, please use the quote form.

The element of the Web design is roughly divided and there are two. The 1st is contents. And the other is navigation.

1. It is important for contents that they are the information and the useful contents which are helpful for those who see. It is the information design of a WEB site to design a website. It is intelligible for those who see how, and it is important that required information is arranged and it is easy to receive. When carrying out business especially on the Internet, it will be asked about the existence value of the homepage by one how to show information. It becomes the first step that I get those whom the site is using as the target to visit. It is primary importance that I have goods which are the website and it is dealing with at the following step, and service purchased.

2. Navigation Guide well the person who reached the website. This is a duty of navigation. If navigation does not function well, the person who visited the homepage will lose his way. It is important to show around well and to guide to an appropriate place so that its way may not be lost.
Japanese SEO (Japanese Search Engine Optimization)

UNIVERSAL DESIGNS is available upon SEO measures of Web sites that produced in Japanese. Please contact us.

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